Photo of tastyfood with our new kitchen timer and thermometer

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You don’t need much to prepare a great meal.

A sharp knife (like actually sharp), a few good pans, and a modest assortment of other tools are enough. You should definitely have a kitchen timer and a digital thermometer. And since they’re digital, they should be smart. So we made ours that way.

We’re Combustion Inc.

We build nice things that make cooking more enjoyable, like these:

Our new kitchen timer and wireless thermometer

Our thermometer is wireless and oven-safe. The kitchen timer has an easy-to-read display. They’re extremely easy to use, and they work together so that you don’t need to touch your phone while you cook (just…gross).*

Pan-roasting steak with our wireless thermometer and timer

Measure more, worry less.

The probe measures temperatures outside and inside the food, in the center and at the surface, and nearly everywhere in between (really). It estimates the size and shape of your food and senses how quickly and evenly it's cooking.

This makes it extremely good at predicting cooking and resting times so that you don’t have to guess. The timer lets you keep an eye on things and gives you the countdown to perfect food, every time.

A roast chicken resting until perfectly cooked

They’re pretty smart, just like you.

And they’ll keep learning, just like you. Soon they’ll be able to talk to some of your appliances and make them smarter too. (And let’s be honest, they could be smarter.)

Of course, they can also just be a kitchen timer and an instant-read thermometer, because we don’t think smart products always need to show off.

Instant-reading the temperature of a ribeye steak

Here’s the pitch.

Our wireless thermometer and kitchen timer will ship later this year.

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Oh, did we mention that…

It’s the thinnest wireless thermometer on the market? Or that it’s stuffed with eight temperature sensors? You think that’s crazy? It is crazy!

But you don’t make the smartest thermometer by clinging to the way things are done. Will it make you a better cook? Is 🔥 hot?

Photo of the thermometer, timer, charging case, and mobile app.

* Although we do have a nice mobile app for when that’s useful and your hands aren’t covered in goo.

* Although we do have a nice mobile app for when that’s useful and your hands aren’t covered in goo.