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Predictive Thermometer with Range-Extending Booster & Display

Predictive Thermometer with Range-Extending Booster & Display

“The thermometers are game changing, things that required a lot of care and attention are now effortless.”

Richard P.

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Predictive Thermometer with Range-Extending Booster & Display

Designed to work together in perfect harmony for easy phone-free use. 

The Predictive Thermometer's 8 sensors automatically find the lowest internal (True Core™) temperature of your food and measure all temps from edge-to-edge, to predict cooking time remaining with uncanny accuracy.

The Combustion Display shows all this. And when used with our free mobile app (for iOS and Android) it extends Bluetooth range an extra 330ft (100 meters).

Ludicrous range

Set includes MeatNet™-enabled Range-Extending Booster. This acts as a Bluetooth relay station to overcome radio obstacles like heavy metal grills and smokers. Just set the Booster near the grill and watch temps from far away. When using the Display as another repeater, you'll have up to 1000ft (300m) combined range!

Extended battery life

The Booster’s onboard battery has enough juice to recharge your Predictive Thermometer fully up to 8 times. When stored in the Booster, a Predictive Thermometer will stay fully charged and ready-to-go for up to 6 months. 

Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready!

30-day trial

2-year warranty

We’re confident that the Predictive Thermometer will become one of your trusted cooking tools. If you’re not absolutely in love after 30 days, send it back, no questions asked.

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Like a mind reader, for steak

8 sensors to measure temp outside and inside the food, in the center and at the surface, and everywhere in between.

Predictive Cooking™ Algorithms

Estimate the size and shape of your food, sense how quickly and evenly food is heating – then forecast the remaining cook time to perfection.

It even reacts to heat changes mid-cook, quickly recalibrating the time needed. Hello reverse-sear!

True Core Finder™

Other thermometers tend to overshoot the center (often in filets or odd-shaped foods like whole chickens) measuring too close to the surface. This leads to overestimating the internal temp, so it comes out raw. No thanks!

Only the Predictive Thermometer, thanks to multiple internal sensors, can locate and measure the real core temp – so there’s no risk of undercooking.

See the real cooking temp

Food sweats as it cooks, and evaporatively cools the surface far below the surrounding air temp. Surface temp is the real cooking temperature your food experiences.

No other thermometer measures that. It’s a game-changer when cooking low-and-slow.

Save your phone from goo

Our rugged Display shows cook-time remaining plus core, surface, and ambient (air) temps. It’s impact-resistant and spill-proof plus bold and bright – you can read it from across the room.

Wireless that just works

No pairing, no sign-in, no disastrous disconnects. Do you trust Comcast with your pulled pork? Neither do we.

No need to hover

The strong BLE5 Bluetooth signal penetrates metal-walled smokers, ovens, and grills – the Display rebroadcasts the signal up to 330ft(100m) to your mobile device for remote monitoring.

Blazing fast instant read

The Predictive Thermometer also shines as an instant-read thermometer. It’s accurate to within 0.4ºF (0.2°C) – comparable to the dedicated “poke” thermometers used in professional kitchens.

The Combustion Display can also be used as a regular ol’ kitchen timer when needed.

Smart products don’t always need to show off.

Mobile apps add more goodness

We’ve kept our basic app as simple as possible for ease-of-use. Works solo or use with the display to extend signal strength up to an additional 330ft(100m).

With the Combustion app, you can:

• View and save 8-sensor temp graphs (this will change how you think about cooking)
• Export + Save Cooking data

Coming soon:

• Visual “id” reference pics• Cloud connectivity so the signal reaches you wherever you are

What's in the box?

  • Predictive Thermometer with charging/standby case
  • Bright yellow range-extending Display timer
  • Includes Booster - Range Extender/Cordless Recharger
  • 1000ft (300m) combined signal strength (Bluetooth)
  • Works with free iOS or Android app
  • Booster keeps thermometer fully charged in standby for 6 months or more!
  • Booster battery recharges a Predictive Thermometer fully up to 8 times
  • MeatNet enabled
  • Timer display in English and °F / °C units
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cables included
  • Requires USB power source to charge (not included)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Thermometer temperature: core, surface, ambient; up to 4 thermometers simultaneously; timer; bluetooth 5.4 long range: PHY coded support, obstructed: ≥50 feet, unobstructed: 330 feet+; backlit LCD: 2.8 in; USB-C rechargeable battery, cooks for weeks between charges; dimensions: 3.1 × 3.1 × 0.7 in; advanced doneness prediction algorithm
  • Overall length: 5.1 in; Bluetooth 5.4 long range: PHY coded support, obstructed: ≥10 ft, unobstructed: ≥60 ft, obstructed+repeater: ≥50 ft, unobstructed+repeater: 330 ft+; probe length: 3.8 in; rechargeable battery: 36 hours active, 40 days standby; data logging: 5 second intervals; minimum insertion depth: 2.1 in; upper half temperature limits: -5 to 600℉; lower half temperature limits: -5 to 220℉; water resistant: 1p68; 8 sensors accuracy: ±0.4℉; diameter: 0.19 in
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What’s it all about?

It’s incredibly simple to use.

Just set your target temperature; it tells you exactly when your food will be done.

8 sensors are better than 2.

Measures all the temps, edge-to-edge. Unlocks sous-vide-like results when slow-cooking.

You can’t miss.

Automatically finds the lowest internal temp (TrueCore™), even in the smallest and largest cuts.

Wireless that just plain works.

No pairing, no accounts or sign-in, no disastrous disconnects, no flaky WiFi. Still works when the internet is down.

No phone required.

Frees up your phone to do other stuff (and keeps it out of harm’s way).

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Can it be used in a ____?

If you can cook meat in it, then almost certainly yes. Grills, smokers, ovens, ranges, pans, induction, air-fryers, rotisseries, slow-cookers? All good.

Microwaves are no-go. Sorry, Sparky.

The handle is safe up to 600ºF. The internal components are good just above 220ºF, but don’t worry: they’re insulated by the food while it cooks.

How’s it different from other wireless thermometers?

8 sensors. Competing wireless thermometers have 2 (at most!).

Those “extra” sensors are a huge advantage for you. They create context so we can figure out the effective size of the food, how evenly it’s cooking, and exactly how things are changing. This leads to more accurate predictions. More data equals less guessing.

By comparing temps at each sensor, we can find the lowest internal temperature every time, even when you miss the “center.” We’ve all done that, because most of the things we cook aren’t a uniform block. That doesn’t matter with the Predictive Thermometer.

The extra sensors also allow us to locate and measure the surface temperature.

If you want more consistent results from your favorite recipes, keep reading.

What’s special about surface temperature measurement?

Surface temperature is the secret to consistent, precision cooking. That's because the temp at the surface of your food is the temperature the rest of the food feels.

It's nowhere near as hot as the surrounding oven. That's because your food sweats. As it does, the evaporating juices cool the surface. How much? Depends on the food. That's why we measure at the surface. And by the way, we’re the only one who can.

By measuring surface temp, you can adjust your oven or smoker to control the true cooking temp, bringing a level of precision to your cooking usually only possible with sous vide.

Why Bluetooth?

The newest Bluetooth standards gives us the strongest possible signal, and it’s far more consistent than WiFi. No dead spots.

Secondly, there’s no “handshake” problem. A WiFi router requires sign-in every time you start up (or restart) a device (sometimes it happens automatically, but not always). That’s the last thing you need when your pork chops are in the oven.

The way we have it set up, it’s no hassle. If the thermometer is on, it’s broadcasting. If the display (or your mobile) is on, it’s receiving that broadcast. It’s just simpler that way. You shouldn’t need tech support to cook a ribeye.

Can I hack it?

Yes. Easily. All the temperature data is broadcast in the open, where you can grab it with any Bluetooth device. We use an open standard so clever dev-type people can make their own apps.

It’s impossible to build an app that’s all things for all cooks. We know folks will want specialty apps more suited to certain styles of cooking, and that’s great. Go hog wild! Our stuff is free to build on, and what you build remains yours.

Open standards also mean the Predictive Thermometer will be able to work with many smart appliances. It can be the “eyes” of a connected kitchen, telling appliances what they need to know so they can (for instance) adjust the heat level when needed.

Still have questions?

Go here to read all the less frequently asked questions.

Hello. We’re Combustion Inc.
We build nice things that make cooking enjoyable.

You don’t need much to prepare a great meal: A sharp knife (like actually sharp), a few good pans, and a modest assortment of other tools are enough. You should definitely have a good digital thermometer. And we think it should be smart enough to take the guesswork out of cooking. We made ours that way, so that your food will be just right, every time.