Combustion Thermometer and Display

Predictive Thermometer
& Display

  • 8-sensor leave-in Bluetooth thermometer
  • Automatically finds lowest internal temp (TrueCore™)
  • Predicts time-to-cook and counts down to perfect doneness
  • Cook safely without overcooking (USDA Food Safe)
  • Total Temperature Awareness™ from edge-to-edge (because you eat more than just the center)
  • Wireless that actually works
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  • The most difficult part of using a thermometer is finding the actual core of whatever you're cooking. This thermometer makes it so you don't have to.

    - Kenji Lopez-Alt

  • Combustion's "countdown to doneness" timer, which is informed by its sensor-packed probe, makes roasting and grilling a stress-free joy.

    - WIRED

  • Temp accuracy is very good. It's comparatively pricey, but the quality is high. [Rated: Best Value - PLATINUM]

    - Meathead's Amazing Ribs

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30-day trial

2-year warranty

We’re confident that the Predictive Thermometer will become one of your trusted cooking tools. If you’re not absolutely in love after 30 days, send it back, no questions asked.

Incredibly simple to use

Set your target temperature and hit start. The Predictive Thermometer tells you exactly when your food will be done.

  • Never undercook

    8 sensors always find the food’s TrueCore™ by locating the lowest internal temp. You can’t miss!

  • Never overcook

    The onboard Prediction Engine™ calculates the required cooking time with uncanny accuracy.

  • Grill, smoker, oven, range

    And more. Works in most appliances, and withstands extreme temps up to 575ºF (300ºC).

Total Temperature Awareness™

No other thermometer measures cooking temperature throughout, including at the surface of the food. You eat more than just the center - you deserve perfect doneness from edge-to-edge.


Wireless that just works

Connects in one second. No unreliable pairing, no sign-in, no flaky Wi-Fi. Do you trust Comcast with your roast? Neither do we.

  • Cook safely - without overcooking

    With the Combustion App, you get USDA Food Safe notifications that tell you when your cook is safe to eat (applying the standards of USDA/FSIS). It's complex to explain, but easy to use. Just pick your protein – the Predictive Thermometer does the math for you.

  • Wander farther

    Combustion tools work together as "nodes" in an ad-hoc network called MeatNet™. Each node increases the unobstructed range by an additional 330ft (100m). Using the Combustion Display and the Range Extending Booster together with our mobile app, you can get range up to 1000ft (300m)!

  • Low Maintenance

    You don’t have to do anything to make it work, the tools just do the range-boosting thing on their own. And if the connection ever drops - for any reason - it won't interrupt an ongoing cook or reset anything.

    When you get back it picks up without a hiccup.

  • MeatNet Cloud

    Combustion tools will soon be able to connect to the internet through the Combustion App. You’ll be able to monitor ongoing cooks from anywhere. All as effortless as being in the same room. (Coming soon – Feb 2024.)

  • Oh, did we mention…

    It's 40% thinner than other wireless thermometers (easier stabbin', smaller holes!)? Or that it can cook for up to 30 hours on a quick 20 minute charge? Is it the best kitchen thermometer made? Is 🔥 hot?

  • And that’s all you need to know. Maybe.

    If not, learn more here, including all the specifications and FAQ.