Predictive Thermometer + Predictive Timer

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Other thermometers have one sensor. Ours has 8.

It’s wireless, oven-safe, and uses machine learning to do what no other thermometer can: predict your food’s cooking and resting times with uncanny accuracy.

No more guessing. You know exactly when your food will be done—just the way you like it.

Perfect roast chicken, every time with the Predictive Thermometer.

No phone needed with our dedicated timer.

The Predictive Timer displays core, surface, and ambient temp for up to 4 thermometers. Set your desired temp & it counts down the cooking and resting times to perfect doneness. The display is big and bold—easy to read from across the room, even through tears of joy and chopped onions.

No phone is needed with our dedicated Predictive Timer.

What if I like goo on my phone?

You do you. iOS and Android mobile apps do everything the timer does, and more: like giving you x-ray vision into your food as it cooks.

How it works

Our secret sauce sets us apart from the competition.

Total Temperature Awareness™ makes it the smarter choice

With the Predictive Thermometer you never have to guess. It measures the temperature outside and inside the food, in the center and at the surface, and nearly everywhere in between. So you know what’s really happening inside your food. It’s like being a mind-reader, but with steak.

Blazing Fast Sensors

3 seconds. That’s how long it takes our core sensors to read a temp. And they’re accurate within 0.4 °F (0.2 °C)—exacting enough to even impress perfectionists. No one’s faster or more accurate.

True Core Finder™

With some applied mathematical magic, the Predictive Thermometer estimates the size and shape of your food and finds the thermal center (core); even if you miss the mark. No matter what, you always know the true core temperature.

Surface Sensing

Food sweats as it cooks, and evaporatively cools the surface far below the surrounding air temp. The surface temp is the real cooking temperature your food experiences. No other thermometer can measure that.

Boundary Layer Sensing

Your oven is lying. Kitchen appliances don’t measure temp anywhere near the food, and are often inaccurate (by 10% or worse!). We measure the air immediately surrounding your food. So you can get consistent results everywhere—whether roasting or baking, grilling or even smoking.

Predictive Cooking™ Algorithms

Math always beats guesswork. Our machine learning algorithms estimate the size and shape of your food, sense how quickly and evenly it’s cooking, and then forecast the remaining cooking and resting times to perfection. So you never have to guess.

Yep, it works in...

  • Ovens
  • Stovetops
  • Grills
  • Smokers
  • Sous vides
  • Rotisseries
  • Slow cookers
  • Deep fryers


Stainless steel and super-strong aluminium oxide ceramic construction. With innovative engineering that protects the most delicate electronics by using the food itself to keep them cool. The thermometer protects your food, and the food protects the thermometer. That’s teamwork.

Yep, our Predictive Thermometer even works in deep fryers.

Wireless that actually works.

Set-up is instant. Turn on the Predictive Thermometer by removing it from its charging sleeve, and it connects immediately via Bluetooth to the Predictive Timer or any mobile phone running the app. There’s no account to create or pairing required. No internet connection to worry about. Do you trust Comcast with your roast? Neither do we.

Roast the perfect beef, every time with the Predictive Thermometer.

Oh, did we mention that...

It’s the thinnest wireless thermometer, with a cross section 36% thinner than any other? That it can cook for up to 30 hours on a quick 15 minute charge? Or that it’s dishwasher safe? Is it the best kitchen thermometer ever made? Is 🔥 hot?

And everyone eats happily ever after

Your friends and family will squeal with delight when they taste the meal you've cooked to perfection with your new Predictive Thermometer + Timer. So stop poking your food, stop guessing, and never again hear the words that every cook dreads: “It’s fine.”

Predictive Thermometer + Predictive Timer

$199.00 USD

Buy now

Order Today for December Delivery
Cancel anytime for a refund

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