Setup Guide: Predictive Thermometer

Congratulations, cook!

You are now in possession of the most advanced (and frankly, best) wireless thermometer ever made. With its array of 8 sensors, the Combustion Predictive Thermometer (CPT for short) automatically finds and tracks the lowest internal temperature of the food you’re cooking. Once you’ve chosen a target temp and start cooking – it calculates the exact time remaining to reach that temperature. If the heat changes, the prediction corrects itself. All of these calculations are done inside the thermometer!

Before you start cooking, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure your CPT is set up properly and ready to go.

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  • Charge your tools

    Charge the CPT (20 min). Use USB-C-to-USB-A (cable included).

    The GREEN light on the charger lets you know when it's ready. If it's red or amber, it's still charging.

  • Update firmware

    • Download the "Combustion Inc" app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. 
    • Open the settings menu inside the app by tapping the Combustion logo then tap "update.” 
    • Recharge your CPT after the update (it can eat a lot of power).
  • Link Display

    • Update Display firmware (same steps as above)
    • Turn on the Display by pressing the Start/Stop button
    • Turn on CPT by removing it from the charger
    • Place CPT next to the display for a few seconds
    • When a temperature appears on-screen, that means they’re linked


  • min line diagram

  • Warnings!

    • Insert to at least the min line.
    • Keep the tip out of superheated fluids (oil, candy, etc).
    • Avoid direct flame - it can easily exceed max temp.
    • Never microwave!
    • Tip is extremely pointy.
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