Who is Combustion Inc?

Combustion Inc is a team of people who love to cook. We also like designing, engineering, and manufacturing products that make the whole process of cooking more enjoyable.

Combustion Inc. was founded by Chris Young in 2020. Prior to this, Chris was the founder and CEO of ChefSteps, best known for their online cooking videos and market-leading sous vide appliance, Joule. Chris was also the coauthor, with Nathan Myhrvold, of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking.

How are these better than other wireless thermometers?

In a few important ways.

  1. Our thermometer is a lot thinner (a 36% smaller cross-sectional area than any other wireless thermometer), which is nice because no one likes to jam something as thick as a pencil into their food.
  2. Its wireless connectivity is designed to “just work,” without cumbersome pairing setup, which avoids a lot of the complaints common to IoT products. With the optional kitchen timer, you can use the thermometer entirely without a phone. (Most IoT kitchen products don’t even work without a phone!) And, yes, we do have a very nice mobile app too for occasions where that is helpful.
  3. Unlike other thermometers, ours measures a profile of the temperature gradient through the food, including the “true” cooking temperature at the surface of the food. This is useful if you want to unlock precision cooking from just about any traditional cooking technique. Here’s a video that explains more about why we think this is useful.

Why do you need so many temperature sensors?

Thermometers typically measure the temperature near the tip, at the last part of the food to heat up. If you want to know how long the food should cook, and how long it should rest, then you need to measure the temperature at places other than just the end of the probe. Knowing the cooking temperature outside the food isn’t enough either, because your food “sweats,” cooling itself as it cooks. The real cooking temperature is the surface temperature of the food. We measure that. No one else does.

We measure a bunch of other temperatures in the food too. With a lot of math, we can figure out the effective size of the food, how evenly it’s cooking, and how things are changing as the surface sears. All that lets us quickly and accurately estimate how long the food should cook and how long it should rest to be done the way you want.

And we’re just getting started. Knowing all of this will let our thermometer unlock precision cooking techniques like sous vide and turbo cooking from everyday appliances.

TL;DR: Let’s just say it’s kind of magical, and if you trust it, your food will come out perfect, every time.

So I don’t need a phone?

Nope. But we do have a really nice mobile app that unlocks advanced features and lets you check in on things when you’re nowhere near your kitchen or patio.

What are the other specs?

We’ll discuss all the specifications in more detail when preorders start.

How much will these cost?

Not super cheap, but not super expensive either; a fair price for the value they’ll bring you.

When can I buy these, and when will they ship?

We should be taking orders and shipping in 2021.

Will it ship to my country?

We’re still figuring this out.

Where do I buy this?

The thermometer and timer will be available directly from us on the official Combustion Inc. website, https://combustion.inc. They may be available elsewhere too.

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How can we reach you?

For press, please email press@combustion.inc

For retail inquiries, please email retail@combustion.inc

For other questions, please email hello@combustion.inc

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